Carlo Mazzillo is a painter who discovered a great taste for painting since he was very young. In love with the works of the great masters, he studied Michelangelo, Velázquez, Tiziano, Degas, El Bosco and many other painters from different periods and styles, looking for the detail of the paintings that he liked most in the art books he had in his house . Passionate about the image, he focused on video editing, giving them movement and perfecting the color. His second passion, music, rhythm and sense of his personal work, perfection and rhythm in design.

After years filling the house of friends with pictures and giving concerts, he returns to focus on painting with more passion, returning to his basic essence, which is the image made with sacrifice in the search for the beautiful.

In his project of "Golden Souls" he seeks the appearance of famous characters showing his talent and power from the designs of his clothes and jewelry.