Dolores Vernor was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She attended the University Autonoma de Tamaulipas in Tampico, Mexico and became a Certified Public Accountant. In Tampico she hosted her own television show featuring pattern designing. In 1990, Dolores opened her shop in the Texas Hill Country in a town called Camp Wood. Dolores began designing coats and jackets using Mohair fabric, which is the hair from Angora Goats and also incorporated trimmings from furs and leathers in her designs. She designed the Texas Flag Jacket for the former Texas Governor Ann Richards. Former Governor Dolph Briscoe Jr. and his wife presented a Mohair Texas Flag Jacket to former first lady Hilary Clinton. Dolores also made a jacket for US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Later, Dolores made 137 Mohair Coats to be presented to the Mary Kay Sales Directors. Dolores has also designed Mohair Jackets for numerous Miss Rodeo Texas and Miss Rodeo America winners. In 1997, a mohair Texas Flag Jacket went to Taiwan with the University of the Incarnate Word for the International Costume Carnival Fashion Show. Afterwards, it was donated the Taiwan Woman’s College of Arts and Technology for permanent display in their museum.