Mosaic Met Gala Fashion Show 2018

 " The Mosaic Met Gala Fashion Show 2018 has been postponed to November 12th of the present year, the decision was not taken lightly and all factors were evaluated before making this decision. Our friend & investor Mr. Eduardo Hernandez has fallen ill and his health is deteriorating at a rapid rate, in respect to him and his family Mr. Carrillo and I do not feel we could proceed with the original date. 

On behalf of my entire organization and myself, i'd like to thank you for your understanding and compassion during these trialing times. "

I'd like to thank you again for your investment in the Mosaic Met Gala Fashion Show and look forward to your attendance at this years inaugural Met Gala. 

Respectfully yours, 

Clarissa Rendon 
Creative Director Mosaic Met Gala Fashion Show 2018