Roger Canamar is an American fashion designer based in Southern California, this is his premiere collection. His fascination and love for haute couture has led him to create a collection that evokes timeless classic elegance with an effortless approach to modern luxury dressing.
Roger grew up in orange county California from a young age he had an appreciation for beautiful dresses that his mother wore to special occasions. In the early 1980’s Roger opened Nina Cie Couture in Tustin,Ca the store was named  after his mother, the boutique quickly grew a loyal following due to the way Roger bought for the store. His flair and understanding of what women wanted to wear made Roger’s services an overnight sensation with the fashionable women in Los Angeles and Orange County.
Roger then pursued another facet of the industry and became a fashion model agent representing models for print and runway clients. Roger opened Notorious Model Mgmt in Orange County, his first year he landed print campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Gianni Versace, Perry Ellis & Abercrombie & Fitch…He hails his success to fashion photographer Bruce Weber who encouraged Roger to branch out on his own. At the end of Roger’s career in modeling he nabbed the coveted Yves Saint Laurent fragrance campaign worldwide for two years with model Eric Watson shot in Paris.
Rogers’s true passion led him back to design and was head designer for a private label company based in Los Angeles, after two years Roger left the company and secured a position with a European luxury brand. Within four years Roger took the leap to start his own brand and after all the years of diverse experience he was ready to make his mark in the fashion industry.
Roger is self taught and has mastered the art of draping and shaping fabric with an innate understanding on how fabric should drape on a woman’s body , creating some of the most beautiful and elegant dresses he hopes women will adore and come to treasure. Roger’s designs are understated elegant and always appropriate for any luxury occasion.
The Roger Canamar label is made in the USA by a remarkable team of artisans that know and have a true understanding of refined craftsmanship and impeccable fit and proportion. The collection is not mass produced to insure the finest of quality in each garment.
Roger Canamar and his remarkable take on modern classic dressing are the epitome and embodiment of the new standard of luxury elegant dressing.